Thursday, April 17, 2014  

Meet Our Orphans  

  Thirteen year old Daniel is from a family of three. They were sent away by their grandfather who said that he and his brother were not his son's children. His grandfather does not want him around because he thinks Daniel has AIDS and is going to die in his home.

  Daniel is very bright and does well in school. He was living with his uncle, but cannot go back because his cousin is envious of him and was trying to poison him. Unfortunately, Daniel's story is not unique. He is one of millions of AIDS orphans with little or no support. Will you help us to help him?


  Jared will tell you happy memories of his family when his parents were alive. Even after his father died he and his mother worked together and were able to support each other. His mom soon became ill and died of AIDS.

  Jared has no one to support him. One uncle would help him but his wife says no and will not let him. She tells Jared that his uncle has helped long enough and he has to support himself. In an effort to do so Jared planted carrots in order to sell them for food and school fees. When he returned home to harvest carrots he found that his uncle had already harvested and sold them.


  Meet Lillian, one of the over 400 AIDS orphans supported by Sobornost. She is now 16 years old and the youngest of six children. When her parents became sick, she was the only one home to care for them and often had to stay home from school.

  Lillian has lived with four different families since her parents died. Because she is female, she could not under Kenya law inherit any of her father's land. Her uncle took ownership of the land and does not help her. When she tries to go to live with him during school holidays, he tells her to go live with her married sister. When she tries to stay with her sister, she is asked, "How can you come to visit without an invitation?"